The Power of Prompting with GenExpert. What are Prompts and how to use them?


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What are Prompts?

A prompt is essentially an input provided to an LLM to generate desired output. It can be a short phrase, a single sentence, or even a paragraph. The prompt sets the context and guides the language model towards generating text that aligns with the user's intentions.

Prompts serve as a bridge between users and LLMs, enabling more interactive and personalized interactions. By providing specific instructions or constraints within the prompt, users can guide the language model to generate responses that are tailored to their needs.

GenExpert's Built-in Community Prompts

Creating effective prompts can be a challenging task, requiring a deep understanding of the language model's capabilities and nuances. Recognizing this difficulty, Genexpert has stepped in to simplify prompt creation by offering over 160 built-in community prompts from Awseome Chatgpt Prompts.

Create Custom Prompts

Genexpert also allows users to create custom prompts. This feature gives users the flexibility to tailor their prompts according to their specific needs and preferences.

Custom prompts are particularly beneficial when users have unique or specific prompts in mind that may not be covered by the built-in community prompts. Whether it's a niche topic, a specialized writing style, or a specific context, custom prompts empower users to explore their specific areas of interest and generate text that aligns perfectly with their intentions.

How to create a custom prompt?

Creating custom prompts with Genexpert is a straightforward process

  • Select Prompts

  • Go to Custom Prompts and Click on "Add Prompt"
  • Now fill all the information about the prompt. If you want a custom variable to inject while using the prompt then close a word around double curly braces such as "{{topic}}"
  • Click on Add prompt
  • When you select the prompt you just created , a variable pop-up will appear, fill in the desired value.
  • And Thats all, you can use this prompt whenever you want, you dont have to re-type the whole prompt to generate a specific result.


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